The production of profiles is carried out on the line of cold profiling of production VAL SeutheGmbH. This equipment allows to produce the most correct on geometry (excepting the bow-shaped effect and the other deformations present in metal) with the minimum inherent stresses of a special profile of various appointments. It allows to receive a timbering of 1 class by GOST P 52085-2003.

«ALPHA ST-140» system – the most powerful system of a timbering on the territory of Russia, this profile is the leader on the maximum bearing ability among all producers of Russia.

«ALPHA ST-120» system is the analog of such systems as PERI, GAMMA, GELIOS, etc. «ALPHA ST-120» is completely compatible to these systems, as in respect of a profile similarity and fabrication holes, so as in respect of absolute interchangeability of the accessories used in these systems.

Tunnel formwork


Тhe tunnel system form is applicable for production of tunnels with big and average cross section. The tunnel system form is used in numerous tunnels, water conducts of hydraulic engineering works (raised by opened and closed methods). The system form consists of steel elements: vertical posts, crossbars, spindles, fasteners, and wooden elements: wood I-beams and plywood. Vibrating is performed by means of vibrators fixed on a tunnel system form that allows to reduce time of works and to increase quality of a concrete surface. Vibrating through little windows in lateral walls is possible. Operation concept of a tunnel system form: the system form operates on in advance mounted rails with the truck. The exact geometry of section of a tunnel is provided with shape-generating wooden sections which are fixed to bearing elements and serve as a support for fixture of sheets of the laminated plywood.

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