To the main efficiencies characterizing the solid performance on exposure to them of tools, refer: hardness coefficient, aggregate strength, abrasive ability, solid resistance strength to the cutting, determined according to the technique of the Institute of Mining Affairs in the name of A.A. Skochinskiy.

The hardness coefficient is most widely used, characterizing the nominal resisting strength of rocks to the destruction when mining.

The following demands are made to the mining tool:

  • the effective destruction of rocks with the minimum power consumption and with high efficiency;
  • the resisting power with the durability;
  • the compliance of a form, sizes and geometrical parameters of a design to an operating member of the machine and to kinematics of its work;
  • simple, safely and rigid fixing in toolholders;
  • the possibility of fast replacement at wear;
  • the convenience for repair, restoration and resharpening;
  • the low cost of production and operation.

Kuznetsk engineering plant produces a wide range of rock tools, meeting the abovementioned requirements, individually works with each consumer on tool selection according to specific features and to the condition of ground. Today the plant works with leading producers of hard-alloy tips that allows to make rock tools for various solid beginning from soft or medium hard to hard rocks with high instantaneous loads.