Коронки рыхлителя бульдозера Komatsu

D275 195-78-21331 D375 195-78-71390 D375 195-78-71320 D475
Каталожный номер 195-78-21331 Вес изделия 17,5 kg Каталожный номер 195-78-71390 Вес изделия 26,0 kg Каталожный номер 195-78-71320 Вес изделия 28,1 kg Каталожный номер 198-78-21340 Вес изделия 42,0 kg

Коронки ковшей экскаваторов


Каталожный номер 4135346 Вес изделия 40,0 kg Каталожный номер – Вес изделия 52,0 kg


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Точное литьё

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Casthouse production of the enterprise is presented with two lines: the molding line on investment patterns (socalled «precision casting») and the line of lost foam casting. The technologies of molding applied at the enterprise, allow to receive castings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals of weight from 30 g to 100 kg. Products of the plant to be unique on complexity and technical requirements of casting are used for:

  • Equipment of the primery circuit of hydraulic turbines;
  • Agglomeration, roasting and blast-furnace equipment;
  • Mining and cement industry;
  • Press equipment;
  • Metallurgical equipment
  • Hydraulic, gas and steam turbines;
  • Continuous-casting machines;
  • Electromechanic industry;
  • Boiler equipment;
  • Car-repair plants;
  • Construction branch.

The enterprise is equipped also for castings finishing treatment (cleanup, processing, etc.).

All casting beginning from the technical specifications to the receiving of finished goods pass stages of computer simulations. It allows to reduce the defect ratio to a minimum and to get a product completely meeting requirements of the customer.

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