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The history of the Kuznetsk machine-building plant totals more than 70 years. Had founded in January, 1942, the plant in June sent the first party of military vehicles to the front. Since 1945 the Kuznetsk machinebuilding plant is profiled on manufacturing of the mining equipment and the rock-drilling tools. And nowadays we successfully use this accumulated richest experience for our commercial produce. The range of our products numbers around 600 items. More than 100 types of drill bits, boring bits and shearer picks, drill rods, labor saving tools.The enterprise has at its disposal the industrial basis for providing spare parts, subassemblies and mechanisms used for coal and iron ore mining. On the requirement specification or according to drawings of the customer, highly professional engineering skills of the plant will develop the new equipment or in the shortest terms customize already available equipment.

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Турнир по футболу памяти Подборонникова
В школе-интернате № 66 прозвенел последний звонок для выпускников 9 класса.
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